Pain Minimizer

Don’t live in constant pain

Acupuncture has been demonstrated in clinical trials to be effective in treating acute and chronic pain as well as treating the underlying causes of pain. It can safely be used in conjunction with pain medications and other conventional treatments.

It can safely be used in conjunction with pain medications and other conventional treatments.

This treatment includes

  • Pain-relieving acupuncture,
  • Microcurrent therapy,
  • Infrared therapy,
  • Analgesic topical patches applied after your treatment.

To optimize your results, Chinese herbal medicine and therapeutic massage are recommended. For those with chronic pain, nutritional cleansing to reduced systemic inflammation, is highly recommended.


“When we set out on our trip to Alaska, I had previously injured my lower back which rapidly progressed into sciatica where I was dragging my leg from the excruciating throbbing agonizing pain because it was too painful to lift my leg. I had been undergoing Chiropractic treatment prior to leaving on our trip and my situation became even worse from all that sitting on air planes, lifting luggage and waiting at terminals.

“My wife noticed the flyers when we entered our stateroom on the Coral Princess and decided to investigate the Spa Beauty facility on board to seek out a facial treatment. While waiting for her appointment she noticed your resume and paperwork explaining how Acupuncture might help me and she pressured me to investigate. After listening to your initial consultation of how Chinese Medicine would surely help me, I made a quick assessment and decided to try one session based on your knowledge and presentation abilities. When one is stepping outside the box involving ones health (as well as his/her doctor’s care) it is very difficult to persuade someone to take the first step with medical issues that are new. Let me take this opportunity to give you an “At-a-boy” pat on the back Karly, you have learned your skills well because it isn’t easy to sell this old man on most things unless it makes perfect sense.

“Oh my goodness was I ever surprised how fast the results occurred. Almost immediately, as you pierced the needles painlessly I could feel the pain subside in my foot and lower leg right away. That night I slept peacefully which hasn’t happened for a long time with very little pain. This led me to come back for more of your cure. After 3 treatments I was out and about enjoying all the side trips the Cruise ship had to offer. We had the greatest time and thoroughly enjoyed meeting you. After arriving home I find that I am almost pain free and will most definitely take your advice on how to proceed forward. If you were ever to open your own office near us you will have a steady patient visiting forever. Thank you so much Karly for all you did for me I am forever grateful.”

— Ron Van Wambeke

“We have been home about 10 days now and so far I am still doing well, thanks to you. I really appreciate all that you did for me on the ship. We had such a good time and I will always remember you with great fondness. If you even end up in Texas look me up.”

— Sandie and David Cook

“I hope everything is going well. Just wanted to say hello and say it was a pleasure meeting such a nice person as yourself. I am still doing well and my pain is still much better. I haven’t found a replacement yet, but I heard there was a chiropractor here in Lake Havasu that also does acupuncture. I will set up a consultation with him soon and see if he sounds like someone that will be able to help me. Thanks again Karly”

— Hazel

“You performed some magic, I mean acupuncture on me on Coral Princess, I believe it was on or around August 13.  The results were great and I said I’d e-mail for some recommendations here in LA area.  To remind you, you worked on my knee pain, trigger fingers, weight, and the ringing in my ears.  All is well but…the ringing in my ears has returned. It was so terrific to have it gone for almost two weeks.

“If you have any recommendations for practitioners in the LA area, I would more than consider meeting with them. Unless you chose to move to LA,  then  I would have many clients for you. Again, it was a pleasure meeting with you and experiencing your healing practices.”

— Isabelle (Isy) Wiefel

“I have a crushed ankle injury that is 20 years old. After walking on hard surfaces (sidewalks and concrete) I was in great pain and unable to walk without a limp. After an acupuncture treatment I was amazed that not only was the pain gone, I could rotate my ankle and even stand on my tippy-toes! Karly is the most sensitive and considerate therapist. I also had treatments for weight management and detoxification. There is an overall sense of wellbeing as a result. I have told many other passengers to see Karly for their ailments.”

— Linda Coyle

“Within an hour of arriving on the ship I fell and twisted my knee. It started swelling immediately, by bedtime I could not bend it at all. On Sunday, I thought well, my trip has really been ruined. The tours would have to be cancelled because of the swelling and pain. But, thankfully I was introduced to Karly and she said she thought she could help me. I had acupuncture several years ago for a back problem and it had been very successful so I was willing to try it again. I had my first treatment on Monday and Tuesday the swelling and pain was nearly gone. I had two more treatments and I never missed one of our tours. Thanks Karly for saving my trip.”

— Pat Molloy

“My very first experience was relaxing, painless, and beneficial. Each day Karly tried different techniques and pressure points along with massage improving movement and diminishing the pain. Communication was one of the keys to success, be open and receptive. You will feel positive with Karly’s gentleness of spirit, mind and body. Find your quality of life again. Thank you, Karly.”

— Hillary Kowalski

“My aching back” Due to a deteriorating back my family doctor gave me a bunch of severe pain pills and an appointment with a  specialist where I have to wait a year. I am still in pain. A chiropractor only gives temporary relief. I find relief with Doctor Bannister after three treatments on a cruise vacation.”

— John Asuchak

“I have done acupuncture 8 times for different illnesses that I have had. I had tried many different things that did not work. I found acupuncture and it has helped me for my knees, my hand, stress, sea sickness. I also minimizes my menstruation. I can recommend anyone to Chinese medicine. Don’t say it will not work; do it and see. Karly has really helped me and I thank her a lot.”

— Simone Cole

“Our course of treatments were performed by Karly Bannister. We cannot thank Karly enough. She is very knowledgeable and professional. Her personality shines through and she makes you feel very comfortable and well-informed. She makes the treatments very enjoyable.

“Joseph: I started with a very stiff and sore neck and upper back with sore arthritic knees. Karly assessed my mobility and recommended a course of treatment. There was noticeable improvement each day. After a series of 8 treatments my back & neck feel looser and more flexible than they have in years. The mobility in my knees is 100 times better than when I started. I would definitely recommend acupuncture to anyone. I am totally satisfied!

“Gail: Although I am terrified of needles, I took a chance. Karly was so gentle & explained it all so well I have completed 5 treatments, feel much better, am no longer afraid & I will definitely have acupuncture again. Thanks Karly!”

— Joseph and Gail Alexander

“This was my first experience with acupuncture. On the way to the ship to begin the cruise (at the airport) I suddenly got a sharp pain in my knee that continued when I tried to put weight on it. Having had no experience with acupuncture or people that did, I decided I would try anything for relief. I had one session and then waited to see if there would be any help. I was a skeptic. Its now nine days later and my knee has at least as good for [range of] motion as before damage. I took about 2 days until I noticed great relief. I am glad I went to see Karly and will seek additional relief for my arthritis.”

— Claire Anderson

“Did a wonderful job answering all my questions and addressing all of my concerns. Each session was comfortable and relaxing, leaving me feeling better than before. Friendly service and my pain is a thing of the past!”

— Nathan Gillespie

“I normally suffer from sciatic and neck pain, it’s a pain that affects my work performance in the worst way possible. It was with great pleasure that after one treatment, I felt absolutely no pain on my neck and a great improvement on the sciatica which ended up gone after three treatments. Thank you so much, Karly!”

— Leandra Ricardo

“I benefited a lot with the acupuncture by feeling better, less pain, and more agile. I appreciate Karly Bannister very much and what she did for me.”

— Wil White

“Karly has changed my life by using her excellent skills and knowledge of acupuncture! I have suffered with restless legs, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid & osteoarthritis, and migraine headaches for years and I am now so much relieved from pain in my entire body! This is such a great relief!!

“It is so exciting to know that Karly will continue to follow my treatment for the herbs and helping my condition through the process of finding an acupuncturist near where we live. We will keep in contact through email and if necessary, I will have to travel wherever she is. My whole life will be without pain from now on because of Karly. Thank you for relieving me from pain!”

— Judy Holm

“Whilst on a cruise on the Coral Princess in September of 2010 for no apparent reason I developed a very sore back. My back has always given me problems since I damaged it in an accident many years ago. On the suggestion of my wife I approached Karly for an appointment and had my very first treatment the same day. Since then I have had two more treatments with fantastic results. My back feels the best it has had in years. Karly has given me instructions to help find a qualified acupuncturist in my area, which I do appreciate. Karly has a lovely, caring nature and is very interesting to talk to. I would thoroughly recommend Karly to anyone.”

— Max A. Birt

“On a whim I signed up for a series of acupuncture with Karly. I had chronic stiff neck, post nasal drip, and very low energy. From the very first treatment my energy level increased remarkably. I found myself popping out of bed in the morning and raring to go all day. I slept better with no post nasal drip and the range of motion in my neck is amazing. I wish the cruise lasted longer to work on the ringing in my ear but I am certainly 100% thrilled with the improvement Karly was able to achieve in 6 days that physical therapists have not for several years.”

— Linda Black

“Thanks to Karly who helped me with a neck pain that would have spoiled my cruise. Very competent and generous Karly does want to help you and she does it! She is very professional and tells you exactly what she can do in a few sessions. Do not hesitate. Come and see what she can do for you!”

— Rachel Chouinard

“I came on board with severe hip pain. Karly worked very hard to help me thru it to be able to continue my vacation. I already had 8 days on land with a lot of walking. She could see the pain I was in, offered to help me. She is a very caring person. Relaxes you just by talking with you. I was desperate for help and she helped me. The pain was relieved so I could continue. Thank you again, Karly.”

— Linda Apling

“Karly is a personable and capable acupuncturist. She proved to be thoughtful, knowledgeable and thorough in diagnosing the origins of my recently developed hip pain and recommending a multifaceted approach to treatment-particularly acupuncture, herbal remedies and stretching exersize. She clearly feels a personal commitment to helping and caring for patients-she spent more time with me than her obligation. I recommend her to anyone seeking help via acupuncture.

“My husband and I came aboard the Coral Princess last Saturday. Three days previous I had torn the medial meniscus of my left knee. Walking with a full leg brace was quite painful. After several acupuncture sessions with Karly, not only was the pain significantly reduced, I was also able to walk without the brace. Other health concerns were addressed as well. I have complex acute PTSD, which causes nightmares and hallucinations, etc. To make a long story short; Karly brought peace of mind-freedom from many vacation-spoiling complications and joy to my Alaskan holiday. Thanks bunches, Karly. Love ya lots, Margie”

— Margie Hodge

“This was the first time my husband and I tried acupuncture. Karly Bannister was highly professional and courteous. She answered all our questions with obvious knowledge. More importantly, she was able to help my husband. He pulled his lower back at the beginning of our trip and was still not feeling well days later. After the 1st of 3 treatments, he was able to stand up straighter, and functioned much better. This definitely helped enhance the quality of our vacation. I went to Karly for help with my sinus headaches. After 1 treatment, I felt a positive difference. Overall, we were very pleased with the results of the treatments, and were impressed with Karly’s kindness and patience. We plan to research Chinese medicine in our home state. Thank you.”

— Allen and Jo Ann Pisani

“On coming aboard I was on crutches due to a back injury (two bulged discs causing pain to go down my left leg). I was in more pain from the trip and [I] was wanting some relief. I had heard many things about acupuncture and wanted to try it. It was an incredible experience. It relieved a lot of pain to where I could walk without my crutches. I developed a sore through within a minute it was gone. Not only were my treatments wonderful and beyond expectations but Karly was as incredible as the treatments. She went above and beyond her services. Thanks so much.”

— Ronald Grim

“This was my first experience with acupuncture. It is not that I was opposed to it, I just never considered that it was something that would or could help me. I have had knee pain for years and all I was able to do was take Aleve 2 times a day. Karly talked to me about the procedure of acupuncture and was excellent in explaining what was to be done and the results that I could expect. She put me at ease immediately. There was no pressure to try it. Karly’s consultation was very thorough, asking questions about my health and current medications. The procedure was easy and painless. I felt a difference immediately. I completed six sessions and from pain in my knees to problems with dry eye I am aware of the changes that are happening. All are for the better. I am very happy with my experience. Karly is a blessing!”

— William Gorman

“I went to Karly with acute pain in my leg from a pinched nerve in my back. In just three treatments, Karly was able to relieve my pain and allow me to walk around.”

— Ray Lantz

“Karly was a great help for me while on the Coral Princess. I was having considerable pain in my shoulder and after 3 treatments the pain was gone and lack of mobility was greatly improved. I plan to continue acupuncture when I return home. Karly was very kind and very professional. I experienced no pain in the treatment sessions. I recommend Karly highly.”

— James Stephen

“I had three sessions with Karly. She is very kind, warm, gentle, and well-informed, extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. My results were better than I expected, as this was my very first experience with acupuncture. I had shooting, sharp pains in my spine, sciatic nerve extending down my leg and into my hip. I also have neuropathy. The neuropathy was eased considerably and the pains in other regions became just dull aches, a huge relief for me in that at 67 with an 8 ear old with me it was so needed and allowed me to chase and run with her and enjoy her and my cruise so much more. I will do this at home!! Karly is as beautiful inside as she is out! Acupuncture really does work and I will do it at home, which Karly also helped me with as well.”

— Sandy Sutter

“This is the first time I utilize[d] acupuncture. I came to the ship with my right foot hurt. When I saw Karly’s biography on the Lotus Spa desk I decided to book an appointment with her. She is outstanding!! I truly believe that I was able to enjoy all the tours I did because she was taking care of my foot. She was really dedicated to cure my foot. On top of that, she is a wonderful person to receive a treatment from, full of positive words and energy. I am going back to Mexico and I hope I will be able to find a “Karly” close to home. It is sad that I finished my treatment in here. It was a great healing and relaxing time.”

— Claudia Abarca

“Although I believed in acupuncture through many years witnessed with my t-bred race horses, I never found the time to have myself treated. At 61, an old knee injury has made me very sore during exercise and after. With just the initial treatment, I enjoyed immediate 80% improvement. Subsequent treatments along with the daily gym workouts have given me proof to its “well worth it” cost. I will locate a “Karly” substitute when returning home! I hope my recommendation affords someone else the confidence for acupuncture!”

— William Myers

“I received a free acupuncture session through a drawing at the opening embarkation party. I have always been nervous around needles and was very apprehensive about taking advantage of this “freebie”. However, with persuasion from hubby I booked an appointment with Karly. She was professional and darling and put my mind at ease. I have had chronic shoulder pain for the past several years. Pain pills during day and night-injections-all were temporary. I was skeptical about the pseudoscience. Karly was patient and expertly answered all my questions. After a session (no pain with needles-I hardly felt them) I slept with no pain pills and had a full range of motion which I never had without some twinge. I was AMAZED!! I booked three more sessions-am leaving ship with new respect for an ancient procedure and pain free after years! Thank you!”

— Darlene Price

“Karly is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned. When I came on board I could hardly walk, my knees and back were killing me. Every step I took was painful. After the first treatment I could stand up and not wince in pain and I actually walked back to my cabin, I had daily treatment with Karly and each day was better. She is a wonderful and caring young lady and a joy to be around. She made this voyage for me a wonderful and pain free experience. I would recommend Karly to anyone that is having any pain issues.”

— La Rita Wilder

“Besides being a charming and attractive young lady, is excellent at acupuncture. I personally have significant tightness in the muscles of both shoulder areas. Being an accountant I spend a significant amount of time over a desk and in front of a computer. In less than a week Karly has greatly reduced the tightness and improved my mobility. I had previously had rehab for my condition and this has been much more effective. Thanks and good luck, Karly.”

— Harold Shelburne

“Karly was great. Shoulder felt lots better, hope it’s well in the morning. Should have come to her at the start of trip. Very helpful with info for further treatment.”

— Danny Masters

“Pain was almost gone by bedtime in right hip and right shoulder felt good also.”

— Sylvia Melnar

“I am 61 years old. Three years ago I was treated for Ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative discs and a hip that was bone on bone. I tried spinal decompression and prolotherapy. Prolotherapy worked pretty well, not the decompression. I came to Karly with very limited mobility and I had lost hope. I don’t want to live like this. I’m six treatments in and I now have hope. Karly was a “miracle worker”. I am not cured-yet-but I think I will be by this time next year. My wife loves to walk-something I’ve been unable to do in 3 years. I’m looking forward to walking with my wife again-what a wonderful gift of healing and hop I have been given. Thank you Karly!”

— Paul Skinner

“I was very pleased with the first acupuncture sessions (5) I have had with Karly Bannister. As a fellow practitioner (foot reflexology), I really appreciated Karly’s knowledge and talents in providing this service. Several issues were addressed, primarily neck and back and I have experienced improvement in both plus feeling more open and free as a result. Thank you very much for providing this service.”

— Earl Bechtel

“My wife and I each enjoyed a total of 4 hours treatment. We found Karly to be very professional and understanding. This being our first use of acupuncture, we were somewhat interested in its potential to relieve joint and muscle pain. We decided to give Karly a chance to show us what she could do. In 3 treatments she was able to relieve a knee problem I’ve had for a number of years. My wife has had many years of shoulder and hip pain that Karly helped considerably. We both wish we could take Karly home with us to continue our treatment. We were very fortunate to meet Karly on our Alaskan cruise. My wife and I were able to walk around the tourist towns instead of riding the shuttles.”

— William and Ranita Jones

“My acupuncture experience was very satisfying and beneficial. Karly Bannister was very professional and helpful. It’s amazing how much improved my calf and leg is. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with the type of problem I had. My medical doctor and physical therapists could not improve my condition. They just guessed as to what the problem could be.”

— Gerald Jahimiak

“It was my joyful pleasure to have met you and receive treatments for my knee. I’m confident that positive results have occurred and healing will continue in my knee-thanks to your treatment. Thank you for the use of the “instant refreshing gel” along with almond oil. Your beauty and graciousness contributed much to create a healing environment. My wish is that you continue to enjoy love, peace, joy and success in bringing healing into the lives of future clients. I look forward to one day meeting again. You will always be welcome in our home.”

— Sara Montoya

“Karly, I benefited from acupuncture treatments from you in the Lotus Spa during my cruise on the Coral Princess last July, Voyage 6022, embarking from Vancouver on July 24th. I had 5 treatments from you, which was beneficial for my back pain.”

— Trish Q.

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