In December of 2010, I had my first experience with Karly and her treatments. Having suffered from a frozen shoulder for 10 months and having already gone the traditional route of MRI, therapy, etc., Karly treated me with amazing results. I left her facility with total movement in my shoulder and arm, and it has been that way ever since!

Now, every time I am in the Portland area, I schedule a session with her. (I live out of state). Repeatedly, I receive amazing results after her treatments. I highly recommend her to anyone willing to experience “alternative” methods to reach fantastic results. I am giving Karly permission to share my phone number with anyone who would like to have a verbal recommendation. Thank you, Karly!

— Constance Angus

Thank you Karly for my treatment! I have never had acupuncture before and you made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I am also not a needle person and am very much a fainter, but acupuncture is not like that. They are more like wires than needles, and there is little to no pain. Karly helped my arthritic knee, muscle cramping and lower back pain all in my first visit. I can’t wait to go back for more! Karly is very professional and personable. I highly recommend Karly Bannister LAc for anyone seeking acupuncture treatments!

— Corrie Angus

Karly has changed my life by using her excellent skills and knowledge of acupuncture! I have suffered with restless legs, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid & osteoarthritis, and migraine headaches for years and I am now so much relieved from pain in my entire body! This is such a great relief!! It is so exciting to know that Karly will continue to follow my treatment for the herbs and helping my condition through the process of finding an acupuncturist near where we live. We will keep in contact through email and if necessary, I will have to travel wherever she is. My whole life will be without pain from now on because of Karly. Thank you for relieving me from pain!

— Judy Holm

Karly is a personable and capable acupuncturist. She proved to be thoughtful, knowledgeable and thorough in diagnosing the origins of my recently developed hip pain and recommending a multifaceted approach to treatment-particularly acupuncture, herbal remedies and stretching exercise. She clearly feels a personal commitment to helping and caring for patients-she spent more time with me than her obligation. I recommend her to anyone seeking help via acupuncture.

— A. I.

[Karly] did a wonderful job answering all my questions and addressing all of my concerns. Each session was comfortable and relaxing, leaving me feeling better than before. Friendly service and my pain is a thing of the past!

— Nathan Gillespie

Karly is a beautiful person inside and out. I can tell a difference in the lines on my face already. I truly appreciate her and her work. She is an inspiration and renewed my interest in acupuncture, especially for my face and neck.

— Martha Hedgewick

Karly Bannister treated me and was very professional, extremely skilled and brought me great relief and confidence in her methods and profession. It was a privilege to get to know her and experience her professionalism.

— Kent Smith

Karly has been great! I had never had acupuncture before and hated needles. She put me at ease and has really helped me with many issues that I have been dealing with. I would recommend at least one session to try it. You will be back again! Thanks Karly!

— Hazel Hertsch

Having had acupuncture on land I was very happy to see that I could continue whilst on vacation. My experiences with Karly have been most positive. Karly, you are a delightful person and a very caring practitioner. I feel that my treatments have been most successful and extremely helpful. Thank you Karly!

— Margaret Wilson

I was skeptical about acupuncture but Karly’s demeanor and methodology quickly won me over. There is no magic bullet treatment, but for me, acupuncture was predictable, effective, and comfortable.

— James Javert

Karly Bannister has been a great help to me-she did an excellent job and took the fear of acupuncture “away” from me! I will try it again at home and on future cruises! Keep up the good work-you are gifted!

— Helga Struse

Karly is a very professional woman. She opened my eyes to the advantages of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She appears very knowledgeable, confident, and her warm pleasant personal made my three visits very comfortable. I might add that I like the effect of my acupuncture treatments and hope to further treatments when I get home. Keep her on-she is good!

— Thelma Swenson

I had acupuncture for the first time on this cruise. Very helpful and I couldn’t have had a better acupuncturist. I would do this again.

— Carole Carter

It has been a wonderful experience to have six acupuncture treatments with Karly while on a cruise. Karly has been very professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to my health concerns. She has shown me new pathway to wellness through integrative medicine. She has provided resources for further study and acupuncture referrals to continue treatment when I return home. Karly has also been a valuable resource for nutritional follow-up. I am leaving the cruise feeling physically much better than when I started the cruise-thanks to Karly.

— Judy Demko

Each of us had three acupuncture treatments by Karly Bannister. Since we never had acupuncture previously it was important that Karly was quickly able to demonstrate her knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese methods. She performed the treatments with lots of explanation about the process and took extra effort to make sure we were comfortable. Karly’s skill and professionalism helped us make the decision to continue acupuncture when we return home.

— Frank and Kathy Giebutowski

On our cruise we had the pleasure of meeting and having acupuncture treatments with Karly Bannister. What an asset to your company. Karly is a kind, caring, concerned person. She was very attentive to our medical concerns. The treatments we received were very beneficial to us. We would recommend her to everyone. We chalk this up to one of our best experiences on our cruise.

— Peggy Bullard and Jackie Cozby

My husband and I were walking past the Atrium and happened upon the presentation being delivered by Karly. Immediately, we were quite interested in the various problems which could be treated with acupuncture. Karly’s presentation was quite informative and we decided to consult with Karly for more information. We both decided to schedule repeating appointments throughout our cruise and I am happy to say that I had a wonderful experience with the therapy. Karly’s pleasant demeanor and knowledgeable answers to my questions made for a positive experience overall.

— Earnestine Wilson

I have never had acupuncture before. It was a very relaxing, almost spiritual experience. Karly has such a quite mien and penetrating eyes to see the essence of my being. The second treatment (yes! I came back) gave further relaxing, satisfying relief. Karly is the treasure I found onboard. Bless you, Karly, as you practice acupuncture and herbs with others.

— Ann Ripley

Felicidades por tener tan buena vocacion por la acupunctura y tener sensibilidad por la medicina alternativa y antigua. Te deseo mucho exito y una feliz vida.

— Ray Ampudia

I found Karly Bannister to be very professional and knowledgeable and also a very caring person. She listened to me and then worked through to solutions. Very willing to answer all questions. I felt very comfortable during my treatments.

— Mary Doreen Smith

Just lovely, well-informed, talented in field. Very professional and compassionate. It was much appreciated and successful.

— Barbara Ahern

Thank you for your treatment of insomnia. It worked and fast! I finally tired acupuncture at 63 years of age and am amazed. Thanks also for the discussions and input you gave me regarding seizures. You are wonderful and very giving of your training, knowledge, & experience. Have a great summer in Alaska and enjoy life when you return to Oregon. Also wishing you a very long, lasting & happy marriage. Best wishes!

— Justin Child

I have never had acupuncture before because I always thought it was for treating pain. When I found out acupuncture can help other problems such as hormonal, digestive issues and insomnia, I plucked up the courage to go see Karly. I explained to her that I was battling to fall asleep as my mind just wouldn’t shutdown at night. She put me completely at ease and carried out a treatment for insomnia. It was extremely relaxing, to my surprise, and I immediately felt calm, relaxed, and sleepy! To say the least I slept like a log for the next week and felt completely rested and recharged. I no longer have a problem falling asleep and thanks to Karly I love my sleep!

— Stacy Shea

I want to thank you again for these sessions. I had shingles and with Karly’s treatment, she helped me recover to the point that I ran 5 miles today and feel great.

Thank you also for recommending the Chinese herbs/vitamins and I know they helped a lot as well! Karly is a great healer and I was very fortunate to meet her on this cruise!! She is a great asset to the cruise!!

— Edward Wrochorinsky

During my cruise, I had three treatments with Karly Bannister for a variety of ailments. She started with a whole body treatment to increase energy in the liver and a 5-point protocol for detox in my ear. After a day, I noticed that my energy level and sense of well being improved. The second treatment consisted of zoning in on my digestive, gall bladder, liver and kidney systems. I saw more improvement in my gastro-intestinal system-less indigestion, no acid reflux, regular bowel movements, and less frequent urges to urinate. The third and final treatment consisted of focusing on just a few areas to encourage my body to heal itself. I found that I had more will power and confidence to move forward on a path of healthy living. I recommend Karly Bannister to you as a genuine healer and encourage you to utilize her services.

— Linda Winnard

My wife has had intestinal problems for the past 20 years. We have had numerous MD’s tell her that they could not find anything wrong. In one week of treatment you found the problem and are well on the way to a cure. You have changed one life in just one week. Karly, please accept our sincere gratitude and thank you so very much.

— Tony and Kandee Benito

One year ago, I suffered a stroke that paralyzed the left side of my body. Through the care of a doctor and physical therapist I have regained all movement except my left hand. Before I had treatment from Karly, I had only movement in my thumb and slight movement in my fore finger. After only fiver acupuncture treatments I have regained movement in all fingers and have noticed improvement in my grip, arm movement and the paralysis in the left side of my mouth. I plan to continue acupuncture when I return to Arkansas and I feel confident that these treatments will continue to improve the use of my hand. Due to the many miles I walked in the ports, I experienced severe soreness in my left cal.. Karly way sable in only two treatments to cure my pain. THANK YOU Karly!!

— Harold “Jack” Lassiter

I boarded this ship with my wife several days ago. Due to an auto accident in ’85 my lower back experiences bouts of disconcerting pain. From time to time I also have bouts of arrhythmia. The stress of daily life also contributed to a general malaise. The best that I hoped for on this trip was some rest and relaxation…that was until we walked into Karly Bannister’s acupuncture seminar. Her lecture resonated with both of us and so we signed up. I signed up for 5 appointments. Today was the last session. I have no back pain, no arrhythmia, and feel generally energized yet relaxed. Karly’s skills and treatment can take complete credit. Thanks Karly.

— Leonard Wilson

Karly provided excellent professional treatment and extensive information pertaining to my cardiovascular problems. I appreciate the offer of extended care and contact on my return home.

— E. Jean Janick

During my cruise, I consulted with Karly Bannister regarding health difficulties I was encountering. Karly was wonderful! She was consistently professional and caring, and she demonstrated a warmth and involvement in my well-being. She indicated significant skills and competence in her treatments, and, I think, was chiefly responsible for my improvement.

I whole-heartedly entrust Karly Bannister as a practitioner and as a delightfully warm and caring human being. Finally, I believe that her efforts very much contributed to the wonderful cruise experience on the Coral Princess!

— Rhona Brown

I had polio at age 15. I have worked continually on different exercises. Polio experts tell you not to exersize the muscles affected by polio-I disagree. My left leg was affected most. I go to a chiropractor every 6 weeks. I go to a spa at least 2 days a week. I go to swim classes 2 times a week. I started feeling in m nerves and muscles. I was told by my doctor that acupuncture was only for pain. I disagree. In a short time my treatment is “working up my nerves” in my leg than before. With medicine and treatment from Chinese medicine, I’m a real believer.

— Janice Thomas

I had a remarkable experience with Karly and my acupuncture treatment. During the first session, I ‘saw’ many vivid colors swirling and increasing in intensity as I went deeper into a meditative state. First were many hues of blue-then very bright oranges, then magenta, yellow, and some green. Later, Karly explained that orange symbolizes the cleansing of the digestive system, which has plagued me for the past few years. Unfortunately I will not be able to continue further treatment with Karly. My 2nd treatment, 2 days later was very different with mp experience of “seeing” only bright white light-no colors. Also experienced intense heat emanating from my lower abdominal area-down my thighs, knees and calves. Several times, I asked Karly if she had heated the towel before playing it over my body. The heat intensified as she moved her hands over my lower body. Experienced quite an amazing treatment. Karly’s soft-spoken manner was very soothing and comforting. She has the ability to connect into our energy, further enhancing treatment.

— Ethel “Sanae” Matsunaga

Karly- your confidence and competence in your field allowed us to conquer our “needle” anxieties. While we both believed in acupuncture therapy we were not sure how to get started, you provided insight and information beyond the physical process. After a week of fun-filled treatment for our different concerns, we both experienced immediate relief and continued improvement. My lower back pain has improved and I will be dancing tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My constipation and cramps were eliminated and I was able to relax and enjoy my active outdoor excursions. Danielle’s random joint pain is more under control and is thrilled that her long existing “throat pressure” has a name and an explanation/solution. Thank you from both of us.

— Denise Wood and Danielle Ondrick

For years my toes and part of each foot have been completely numb. Within 24 hours of Karly’s acupuncture treatment, almost all the feeling has returned to my feet and toes. It continues to improve so thank you so much!! I thought nothing could restore the nerves, but this sure did it!

— Chris Hamilton

Karly is a very professional person and a very sweet and caring young lady. I had nerve damage in my right leg that made it feel like it was on fire if anything touched it, also my right hand was bent at the finger joints and my physician said there was nothing that could be done. After the first treatment with Karly, my leg stopped burning and has not recurred since. After the third treatment, I realized that I could open my hand up and lift my fingers, this was the first time since 2001 that I had been able to do this. I can’t say enough about Karly and her treatments.

— Fred Wilder

I have been experiencing migraine headaches for about a year and had recently been considering alternative types of therapy since I was not having much success with medication. When I saw that acupuncture was available on the ship I was excited to hear more. I feel like I am very lucky to have found Karly to introduce me to his ancient Chinese medicine. Karly is extremely professional, thorough in her explanations of the practice and makes her patients feel at ease and comfortable. I thank her for the opportunity and appreciate the care and follow up. Karly-you are a wonderful ambassador for your profession.

— Diane Follain