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This mask changed everything for me, especially now that I'm 40! I saw a patient a few months ago whom I hadn't seen since before the pandemic. She looked AMAZING! I asked what she had been doing and she told me about this device. I had to get it right away and it's made a huge difference: it makes me look like I've been filtered! I use it while I meditate and it only takes 3 minutes! A must-have! 


I know, it reminds me of the devices with the belts that we used to laugh at but this really works! It's light-weight, so very mobile, it wasn't expensive and can mimic a workout! What's not to love? I even brought it over to my parent's house so they could check it out. It does work!


One of the staples of my beauty routine and yes, I have all of the attachments. I use this almost every day and yes, I will do my barre3 workout and this just so I make sure that I have time for it. I notice right away that I get my jawline back! 


I've been looking for an effective, high-quality far-infrared mat for months and months and finally found this "gem." Pun intended! I'm so impressed. I could tell right away that it was well-made. And it quickly replaced my "boyfriend", my old but wonderful heating pad. This FIR pad lives under my pillows and sheets (yes, I made sure to fix my bed every morning) and I turn it on before I start my bedtime routine. I have chronic low back pain from scoliosis and I wake up feeling more refreshed than ever and pain free! And Rico seems to love it too! I'll find him on it most nights! 


I love how clean-burning these beautiful candles are while having a delicate fragrance. I feel good about burning them around my daughter and dog as they are non-toxic and look like a decoration you would have in your house, if you had good taste. These also make great gifts!


My good friend and former employee gave these to me and I just love the messages and the beautiful artwork. They make me smile...oh and Maya loves them, too! I have them out for her to look at and it's a great conversation starter for us!


I have used Bulletproof collagen powder for two years and I notice when I "go cheap" and stop taking it. My knees notice it the most. I put this in my coffee (working my way out of coffee and towards decaf and then chai) and call it my "protein" shake. I feel better about the gallons of coffee I drink! 


A dear patient told me about this gluten/sugar-free keto friendly electrolyte powder. I was sick of getting powders that had tons of sugar and/or junk. And Maya loves this stuff! No fillers, no bad ingredients. I use 1/2 a packet in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon and it keeps me relaxed and leg-cramp free!


I've loved this product since before mushrooms were cool. You may already be able to tell that I love multi-taskers? Even Maya's bedroom set from Pottery Barn converts! I am a sucker for good design! Anyway, I digress. This blend has made me feel so good in the morning. And even when I have the coffee version, I do not get jittery. I have heard from patients that other mushroom coffees give them anxiety but not this one. 


Even before Maya was born, these white-noise machines were staples in my clinic. They are pleasant and last forever. I've had mine (yes, I own about 7) for at least 5 years each and I use them EVERY DAY. They aren't metallic sounding and do have an actual fan inside, which I think creates the more pleasant sound, versus the robotic sound of other white noise machines. And yes, Maya knows how to turn them on as there is one in her room and one just outside her door. Mom hack!


This TDP lamp is a workhorse! I've been using this exact model for over 12 years and I still love it. I use this everyday in my practice and give them as gifts to family and friends! There are fancier models out there but this one is consistent and very easy to use. More special benefits: it has a timer for safety and you can buy components in the unlikely event that one part of the machine breaks so you don't have to replace the whole thing. Safety disclaimer: Consult with your doctor before using this product. Please set the lamp head at least 10-12 inches above your body and use it for a maximum of 40 minutes per body area.

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