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Our patients come to us to get out of pain, relieve stress & ease digestion


But because we create such a strong bond with our patients, we also get to see them as whole people. With pets. With kids. With vacations to look forward to in the future. Or with losses and failures. We hold this precious space for each person who walks through our doors: to laugh and cry, or even shout. It’s all welcome here. And so are you.

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When I see my patients, I constantly ask myself, what would I like if I were the one on the table? Then I compose a beautiful treatment plan specifically suited for your exact needs. It’s an honor to treat you and be part of your team. Although we laugh and smile a lot, even through tears, I take your care and health very seriously. Feel better soon.

Healing through acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has been my calling since childhood. I feel extremely blessed to help all my patients achieve health, wellness and peace.

With over ten years of experience, it gives me great joy to provide you with the best care and I will always put your comfort and safety first.

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