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It is that time of year. Yes, the Fall season has finally presented itself in it’s full glory. We were blessed with a long and glorious summer and now we are in for the color show that is called the Autumn. A friend and mentor of mine, Dr. Liu He recently shared some tips in her newsletter on how to stay well during the Fall season. I will pass those gems of wisdom on to you today.

In Chinese medicine, the most highly skilled doctor is not one who merely treats diseases; the best doctor is one who can prevent disease and illness before it occurs. In the Fall season, our focus is on preserving the Yin Qi of the body. The Yin Qi can be described as the “shady side of the mountain,” and the moistening, nourishing aspect of our bodies. We are spending more time indoors now that the rain of Oregon has arrived. As a consequence, our Yin Qi and body moisture decreases. (Notice how dry the air feels after running a space heater). If you experience dry mouth, itchy or dry skin, bloody noses, constipation, and tend to catch colds frequently, your Yin Qi has been depleted. These tips will help you to preserve your Yin Qi so that you will be less susceptible to falling ill in the Winter. So, read on to learn how to stay healthy during this seasonal transition.

Go to bed earlier, make 9:30pm your goal. Do not excessively sweat. Excessive sweating (via overexertion, sports, sauna, or hot tub) can drain your Yin Qi. Reduce the amount of your sexual activity. Excessive sexual activity drains your Kidney Yin Qi. Drink one cup of warm water when you first wake up on an empty stomach. This will help humidify your Lungs and move the Large Intestines Qi. Before bed, eat 2-3 slices of cooked or uncooked daikon radish and/or pear. These two foods nourish the Yin Qi of the body and the Lungs. Calm the mind and spirit. Avoid starting big projects as overworking can drain your Qi. This is great time to add Qigong into your daily life. Have a wonderful and healthy Autumn Season!

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