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I don’t have a gender-bias

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I was not a “cool” kid in school. I didn’t sit at the popular table. Yes, I played varsity sports but I was also in school plays, Key Club, Mock Trial, and Speech Team. I didn’t have an Acura Integra (the car of choice at my high school) and I definitely didn’t get invited to parties. Which is why I have to write this.

What I’ve realized is that I am exclusive. I discriminate. Yes, I have an accidental gender-bias. It is stated plainly on my website and other marketing materials that I specialize in women’s health. WOMEN’S health. While that is true, I also treat men. I love treating EVERYONE and I take care of everyone equally well.

This horrifying faux pas was brought to my attention recently when two potential new patients asked if I treated males. After getting over my initial embarrassment, I assured them that I could help them as well.

It’s just that since I was an intern in 2008, I got really good at balancing hormones. And it didn’t help that while I was in acupuncture school, I assisted one of the best fertility acupuncturists, Dr. Hong Jin. So, really, I had no choice but to specialize in women’s health. But, let me assure you, 50% of my patients are male. My dad and husband will attest to this. (Thanks, dad and husband!)

Please, I implore you: do not let the short list of specializations fool you. I don’t discriminate.

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