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Updated: Jul 24, 2022

You may look and feel silly, but bouncing and shaking actually helps to reset your central nervous system and increases the circulation of the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin. Just think about it: what does a dog do after experiencing a stressful situation? He shakes and then he is able to move on with his life! We have an exercise in Qi Gong to increase the circulation of Qi.

Find a nice, open space Stand up, feet firmly placed on the ground, shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent Let both arms hang loosely to your sides If possible, close your eyes Slowly start bouncing up and down lifting your heels (you do not need to jump or even have feet leave the ground) Let your hands and arms start shaking, as if you are shaking something sticky off of them. Remember: your body should be as relaxed and loose as possible. You may look like an undulating noodle. Do this for as long as you can comfortably perform the exercise, even a few seconds will help. Try to do this for 1 minute. Stop bouncing and shaking. Now, notice how your body and mind feels. You should notice that your body feels revitalized and your mind feels clearer.

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