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We are well into the Spring season, aren’t we? Major signs are the sprinkling of yellow pollen on every visible surface and the cacophony of sneezing throughout Westlake Park. 

The biggest clue for me is the influx of patients asking for allergy treatments…especially from those who say "but I've never had allergies before!" 

The good news is, there's a point for that! I call it my “party trick” acupuncture point and it's an awesome "tool" to have in my figurative (lab coat) pocket. Well, there are actually two points because they are located on the outside of each nostril and they are called “Large Intestine 20” (LI 20). (I know, not the best name...but this could explain why I have a nickname for this it.)*

LI 20 is not the most comfortable set of points to have needled but they work almost immediately. Five out of five patients in my non-scientific clinical study repeatedly ask for them after experiencing their fast nasal-clearing results! My little 19-month old patient even tolerates them!

You can perform "DIY" acupressure on LI 20 by taking the outside of each thumb and gently moving them up and down on the outside of each nostril for about 20 seconds. Focus on putting light pressure towards the back of your head to get the best benefit. Do this as often as you'd like and reap the rewards yourself! Just remember to breathe, please.

If you need more help, a Chinese herbal formula called Magnolia Clear Sinus has been a great supplement to have at home. The main ingredient is the magnolia flower so consider this your “desensitization” therapy, much like an allergy shot from a conventional allergy clinic. Magnolia Clear Sinus is an all-natural antihistamine and is anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antiviral.  Just 1 capsule taken in the morning has been known to open up the nasal sinuses, reduce post-nasal drip and decrease coughing.

Finally, I don’t mean to sound like your mom but...take a shower. Two of them, actually. But really, a quick rinse before bed and in the morning will minimize your allergy symptoms. Allergens literally stick to us during the day and then they fall on us while we are sleeping. All of this cleanliness might increase your water bill but it might also reduce your dependence on facial tissue, too!

As always, thank you for doing this with me!


*There is much more to English point numbering but the basic story is that anglophones like me somewhat forced the numbering of points. The point names originally were only in Chinese and are quite poetic. For example, LI 20 is actually Ying Xiang or Heavenly Fragrance. Better, right?

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