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"I love being able to create community in the place where I live and work. I purchased my first home in Lake Oswego, my daughter goes to elementary school here, we walk to the concerts in the park, and we enjoy the natural beauty of this city. I want this to be your sanctuary, where you can just “be”. Everybody is welcome here. I am here for you and I relate to you."

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Hi, I'm Karly!


As the classical Chinese literature stated 5,000 years ago, your acupuncturist is meant to be your health partner for life. And I get to be more than just that. I’ve witnessed my patient’s weddings, celebrated their birthdays, and sang at their Christmas parties. And for all this I am truly grateful. I get to be more than just your health partner; I get to be your friend. 

I am devoted to your health and I know that the best thing about Keahi Health are my patients. I am inspired daily by my patients’ strength and I get to have meaningful relationships with them inside and outside of the clinic.


When I see you as my patient, I ask myself, "what would I like if I were the one on the table?" I then compose a beautiful and customized treatment plan specifically suited for your exact needs and goals.


It is an honor to treat you and to be part of your team. I want to make sure that I am giving you the best treatment and outcomes possible. It's important to me that you feel better leaving my clinic than when you walked through the door.

I’ve carefully curated my favorite things to help you live with more beauty, health, peace and ease. I use most of these products every day and I hope that you find these items as useful as I have! I will continuously update this list to keep the goodness and love going! Please note, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

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