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Happy Dry January?

It’s my birthday month and I’m doing dry January. Yep. It’s come to that. Actually, it’s not super hard for me not to drink. I just can’t date. Just kidding. Well, kind of.

It’s been a slow process to understand that my body doesn’t need alcohol. I was introduced to it in Spain during my junior year of college. Sangria, anyone? After one or two drinks, I would feel super confident and be able to talk more and it would decrease my sometimes debilitating self-doubt. But because it made me feel so good, I knew that it couldn't be good for me. So during the second half of last year, I started figuring out how to decrease my alcohol intake and feel happier. Part of my motivation was because I want to be the best mom and model for Maya. And part of it was because I would feel depressed the day after. Furthermore, I’m on a new medication and it doesn’t mix well with alcohol. I end up having migraines just after one drink, no matter how much Po Chai I take (the famous hang-over herbs that look like Nerds candy). Not worth it. So…all signs point to not drinking. At least for a little while. I might keep it up and I might not. February is just a few days away and I’m feeling good, I’m still able to have fun, and dare I say, I'm making better choices. So participating in "Dry January" came at just the right time. Coincidentally, a few weeks ago, I celebrated my 41st birthday at the Multnomah Whiskey Library. I happily sipped on soda, bitters and lime (suggested by the lovely Margot Miles). Then we went on to Fortune for dancing and again, I just had soda and lime. Lots and lots of lime. And if you don't like limes, there are so many other options now. I’ve even heard that there is a movement with younger generations to go to dry “bars!” Who would have thought? It certainly wasn’t an option when I was "growing up."

Here are more tips for you:

  1. Tell your team: I sent out a group text a few days before my birthday party and just casually added that drinking wasn’t agreeing with me. It was a great move because no one pressured me to drink. This was not the case other times that I’ve gone out with friends when I was abstaining.

  2. CBD drinks at restaurants are becoming more common and they are great! Yes, I sell them at my clinic but I don’t advise BYOC (bringing your own CBD) to establishments. It might be frowned upon. :) Here is a list of places that carry or make CBD drinks: Smallwares, Hey Love Superette, Grön Cafe, Coalition Brewing, Harlow, Lustre Pearl Portland, McMenamins Tavern 23rd, Little Beast Division, Crystal Ballroom Brewery, Twenty First Ave Kitchen, and Two Wrongs. Or you can purchase some from me here:

  3. Start over if you have a drink. It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. You’re in good company. But start again if you want to. It’s never too late to begin again!

The next thing is giving up coffee…wish me and Maya luck!

Thank you for doing this with me.

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