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Let's Celebrate You!

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you…so let's celebrate that!

My dad took me to my first acupuncture treatment when I was 14 years old. The treatments changed my life. But what was even more impactful to my teenage self-esteem? The genuine care from Shelley, my acupuncturist.

Decades later, I believe that Shelley still inspires me to treat my patients as family. I love you all and appreciate that I get to help you and share your journey! So, let's toast to that!

You might already know the story: My dad took me to my first acupuncture appointment after I had struggled for years with debilitating allergy-induced asthma.

My dream was to run like Jackie Joyner-Kersey. But I couldn't even play outside. I had allergy shots twice a week and two inhalers but I still couldn't breathe. My best friends were my Kaiser doctors, Dr. Yao and Dr. Chang. They tried everything to help me. But nothing worked.

But once I got acupuncture, I literally hit the ground running. I participated in track and field, softball, basketball and volleyball. And I was a two-sport varsity athlete as a high school freshman. Acupuncture truly saved my life. And I'm so grateful that it has helped so many of yours!

This month, I’m saving my "fun" facts and tips...instead, I want to personally invite you to share some snacks and time with me this coming Friday, August 18th. Together with the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce, I am hosting our 2nd annual "Champagne Social." We'll start at 5pm but likely continue celebrating until 9ish. I'd love to introduce you to my friends who share space with me (Emma, Michelle and Sujen) and to my new services (gentle micro needling and red light therapy).

Details about the party:

1. Everyone is welcome, yes, even children! I’m hoping that Maya can make an appearance too! :)

2. I'll be serving champagne but I'll also have non-alcoholic options. My friend Katie is bringing her yummy new CBD sparklers from her company Harmonic Woman CBD! Fun fact: we lived in the Gamma Phi Beta sorority house together at the University of Oregon! How cool is that?

3. The party starts at 5pm but come when you can and stay as long as you please! It will be great just to see your face!

4. We are raffling off another huge spa-day gift basket! Last year it was worth over $700 and if you bring friends, you'll get more tickets and more chances to win.

5. The secret is out: I'm offering my best anti-aging services at exclusive sale prices!

Thank you for doing this with me and hopefully, I'll see you Friday!

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