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I've never been more thankful for flushing toilets! LOL's a dream to be here with you after the storm that those of us in the Pacific Northwest just "weathered," so to speak. I mean, at least I can now laugh about it a little verus cry...that must be progress, right?

In all seriousness, I'm so grateful for my neighbors, for electricity and for running water. The short version of our situation: a leak in a pipe in the garage led to water damage thus we were without running water for a few days.

But bright spots were abundant! To mention only a few lucky breaks (no pun intended), I had help from two very capable and generous neighbors. Therefore, Maya, Rico and I enjoyed both drinking water and water for flushing the toilets. Yes, this was very important to me!

Therefore, I hope that you don't mind but instead of my typical newsletter full of tips and life-hacks, I'm going to bombard you with photos from our trip to Phoenix at the end of 2023. I think all of us might need a happy distraction! 

The photo to the left is Maya's first "driving lesson" on a 4-wheeler at the Wildlife Zoo.

Below, Maya is ready to roll on her pink hippo. Don't worry; I couldn't identify it, either! 

The photo to your right is Maya holding a butterfly at the Butterfly Wonderland. Even though we forgot to wear bright clothing, as a patient had recommended, Maya still attracted some flying friends! 

Below, Maya and I relaxing on a butterfly bench that our host made. Of course, he didn't tell us himself because he is that humble! 

And now, presenting our lovely hosts, Kyla and Ed and their grandson! We are celebrating Maya's first visit at my favorite restaurant in the world, Steak44.

I met Kyla and Ed in 2010 while I was the acupuncturist-on-board the Coral Princess cruise ship. Even though she suffered from terrible motion sickness, Kyla bravely came on-board to see the the glaciers in Alaska. I was fortunate enough to be able to help her almost every day of our 10-day cruise. Ed would tag along and stretch my brain with acupuncture and wellness questions. And now we're family :)

Maya and I showing off our "graffiti" at the Crayola Experience! 

After our camel ride at the Phoenix Zoo Lights display! Don't worry, we tipped him very well!

Our last night in Arizona at Medieval Times! Maya obviously having a great time as Queen of the Court! 

As always, thank you for doing this with me!

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